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Concordia Law Hosts Legislative Forum

Boise legal community to discuss housing and hemp

Concordia Law will host a legislative forum on Tuesday, January 21 to discuss timely issues expected to be debated during the second regular session of the Sixty-fifth Idaho Legislature, which opened on January 6. This forum, the first hosted by Concordia Law, will feature two panels that will be moderated by Scott McIntosh, opinion page editor at the Idaho Statesman.

Fair Housing

One of the panels will focus on fair housing and how potential changes in the law could impact tenants. This is a critical issue for the law school and its 5th and Front legal clinic. The conversation will focus on concerns that new laws could give landlords greater authority, thus weakening the rights of tenants and placing more burdens on renters, particularly minorities and refugees.

Legal Status of Hemp

The second panel will discuss legal maneuvering at play regarding agricultural hemp and the burgeoning CBD industry in the state. Lawmakers in Boise have yet to pass legislation that matches federal laws legalizing the production and shipment of hemp, which has caused confusion. Additionally, panelists will discuss how policymakers are expected to address the proliferation of CBD retail shops popping up in cities across Idaho.


Faculty, lawmakers, law enforcement representatives and subject matter experts will share their insight and analysis on these important social issues.

Panelists include Concordia Law faculty members Josh Taylor and Ryan Stoa, who has written extensively on the marijuana industry.

Voices Heard

Concordia Law is committed to leading public discussions on issues that are important to the community it serves and believes it is a vital function in preparing its students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

This forum is free and open to the public. For additional details and to register the event, click here.