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Concordia University School of Law Celebrates National Pro Bono Week.

BOISE, Idaho —Concordia University School of Law is leading Idaho in honoring the responsibility of lawyers to volunteer legal services for low-income Americans during the annual National Pro Bono Celebration Oct. 21-27, sponsored by the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service.

Concordia Law joins more than 700 pro bono events in nearly every state—conducted by more than 300 law firms, bar associations, courts, other law schools, corporations and other groups—in service during the week of the National Pro Bono Celebration and throughout October. The Celebration website, at, provides a state-by-state list of current and past activities.

Typically, about 70 percent of National Pro Bono Celebration events involve volunteer training or direct service to clients. Fundraisers, award ceremonies and other celebration activities also underscore the need for and contributions of lawyers who volunteer their services for clients in poverty.

Concordia Law is celebrating by hosting a free continuing legal education panel discussion on managing your pro bono practice. The discussion will cover how attorneys can integrate pro bono work into their legal practice, including ethical considerations, incentives for providing pro bono service, practice areas of greatest need, pro bono myths, and resources to support pro bono practices. The discussion will be moderated by the Honorable Russell Comstock, Ada County Magistrate Judge. Panelists include: Joanne Kibodeaux of Kibodeaux Law Office, William Wardwell of Varin Wardwell Thomas, LLC, John Gannon of John Gannon Law Offices and Angie Levesque of Levesque Law, PLLC.