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Moot Court Team Competes in Oklahoma City

Concordia University School of Law sent two teams to participate in the Western Regional rounds of the 2020 ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition (NAAC). The regional competition was held in Oklahoma City at the William J. Holloway Jr. United States Courthouse on March 5-7. Twenty-four teams – from law schools such as the University of Arizona, Mercer (Georgia), Drake (Iowa), Thomas Jefferson (California), Michigan State, and the University of Colorado – participated in the event.

This year, the competition problem focused on two issues relating to criminal due process and the disclosure of Brady evidence – 1) is material, exculpatory evidence required to be disclosed prior to a defendant accepting a plea, and 2) is a defendant required to exercise due diligence to obtain such evidence before a Brady violation can be established.

Concordia’s teams consisted of law students Sean Wilson, Collin Sayles, and Dee Jones (Team 513), and Taylor Brooks and Karson Vitto (Team 781). Both teams advanced from the preliminary rounds to the Round 4 semi-finals, and Team 513 advanced to the Round 5 finals where they were matched with Mercer School of Law. Team 513 argued successfully against Mercer in Round 1 of the competition – but Mercer prevailed in Round 5 to advance to the National competition. “All of our students delivered exceptional performances,” said team faculty advisor Michael Greenlee. “Moot court competitions are a wonderful opportunity for students to “rise to the challenge” and our students demonstrated that they were equal to the challenges delivered by other exceptional law schools.”

Notably, Sean Wilson placed in the Top 10 Best Oral Advocates (#10) in a field of more than 48 students, and the Team 513 brief placed #4 in the Top 5 Best Briefs.

Both teams were coached by faculty advisors Michael Greenlee and Kolby Reddish. Special thanks to our practice judges Associate Justice Robyn Brody, Judge Jessica Lorello, Wendy Olson, Syrena Hargrove, Christine Salmi, Abby Hoskisson, Brit Kreimeyer, Greg Silvey, Scott Zanzig, Kale Gans, Carl Withroe, Professor Brenda Bauges, Professor Summer Chandler, Professor McKay Cunningham, Professor Jodi Nafzger, and Professor Greg Sergienko.