Permanent Closure Message

Concordia University School of Law permanently shut down at the conclusion of the Summer 2020 term. For more information, visit:

This website will remain active for a period to allow for any needed information to be downloaded. It has been an honor and privilege for Concordia Law to serve the Idaho community. We are incredibly proud of our graduates, their superb bar passage rate, and their impact on our community. We are equally proud of our students, faculty, and staff.

Peace and blessing to each and every one of you.

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Statement of Concordia Law Faculty

The tragic killing of George Floyd and similar instances, as well as the violent disruption of peaceful protests, are heartbreaking miscarriages of justice. As teachers of the American legal system, we educate future legal professionals and community leaders. It is our duty to identify and condemn miscarriages of justice and advocate for legal reforms that confront systemic inequalities. We do so now.

As a faculty, we recognize the pervasive and ongoing racial injustices in our country and the lack of accountability for these injustices. The frequency of deaths stemming from instances of police brutality and particularly killings of Black Americans reflects deep-rooted and entrenched racism. As a faculty, we mourn these tragic deaths and condemn police brutality.  Our Constitution codifies the right to peaceful protest as a critical tool in confronting government abuse.  As such, we denounce the militarization of our public spaces in response to constitutionally protected peaceful protest.

We acknowledge that some of us cannot understand the fear, outrage, and pain that these events inflict on Black Americans. Words solve nothing on their own; we must act. We pledge to listen, to continue to self-educate, to engage members of the justice system, and to take concrete action in the ongoing effort to promote justice and hold all persons accountable who leverage violence and intimidation unlawfully.  To that end, we plan to continue instilling in our students our shared obligation to provide legal services to those who need it most but cannot afford our services — the under-included, marginalized, and disenfranchised.   

We will continue to fight against the socio-economic disparities in housing law, advocate for reforms of the criminal justice and immigration systems and engage in honest dialogue in our community regarding bias within the legal profession and our justice system in an effort to push for change.  In just one short week since the death of George Floyd and the tragic aftermath, our students began mobilizing to create an awareness and education group to bring advocacy, service, and a much-needed spotlight in our community to social justice issues based in racism and abuse of power.  We know that we have more work to do, and we will rise to the challenge. 

Concordia Law School is grounded in serving others and pursuing social justice, a mission informed by our religious foundation. We commit to supporting and educating our students, each other, and our community in the increasingly critical need to confront systemic prejudice wherever it exists.