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Welcome to the Class of 2022!

Record-setting class, balanced for success

Latonia Haney Keith, Interim Dean and Associate Dean of Academics, was thrilled to welcome new students in the incoming class on August 26. Not only is the Class of 2022 the largest class on record, it is the maiden incoming class since Concordia University School of Law earned its full American Bar Association (ABA) approval earlier this year.

Strength in diversity—educating a new generation of lawyers

These 90 students comprise Concordia Law’s eighth class and represent a distinguished, vibrant cross-section of aspiring lawyers prepared to dedicate themselves to the mission of transformational, service-based legal education.

The average age of a Concordia Law incoming student in the Class of 2022 is 28.

Coming from 16 different states, 40% of new students hail from Idaho while 20% of the 1L class will land on campus by way of California and Washington. Traveling the greatest distance are students from Pennsylvania and Florida.

Women make up 52% of the new students—a significant jump of 22% from last year. And, nine Veterans have chosen Concordia Law as the foundation for their legal careers.

The majority of incoming students are enrolled full-time—92%, representing a six percent increase from the previous year’s class—while 8% of the new students are taking advantage of flexible part-time options. Even though part-time students take fewer hours, they are fully integrated into Concordia Law—taking classes with full-time students, pursuing leadership roles, and accessing mentorships, internship, and externship opportunities.

“This year’s incoming class is notable for its historic size, gender balance, and greater diversity,” says Dean Haney Keith. “As an anchor in the Boise legal community, we strive to continually serve and positively impact the community. We trust that our compassionate and driven new students with their unique backgrounds and goals will carry forth our mission.”